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Microsoft PowerPoint on iPhone & iPad Is Going Vertical

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PowerPoint has been available on phones and tablets for years, but it still doesn’t have all the same features as the Windows and Mac apps. Another feature is now on the way: portrait slides.

Microsoft announced in a blog post, “with a shift towards mobile-first content creation, we have heard from many of you that you prefer to do so in Portrait mode. Based on your feedback, We have added the capability to switch and in and out of Portrait mode when both creating and editing slides!”

Starting with version 2.68 (Build 22112003) of the Office app, which is currently in testing with Office Insiders, PowerPoint now has an “orientation” toggle that can switch between landscape and portrait. You can edit slides as normal in either orientation, though you might need to move elements around after changing the setting, especially if you modify the template.

Changing the orientation in PowerPoint

It’s probably not likely that you’ll need to give a presentation in vertical format, unless your office or school has a fancy rotating TV. However, the option could come in handy for creating banner images, or exporting a presentation to a video that is easier to read on mobile devices.

The feature still can’t quite match PowerPoint on desktop, which allows you to change the presentation dimensions to just about any size, but it’s helpful nonetheless. Microsoft hasn’t said when it will be rolled out to everyone on mobile.

Source: Office Insider Blog

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